NextStep Core Competencies & Experience

NextStep is an agile small business with management and assets to perform large-scale contracts. We’re committed to customer satisfaction, emphasizing a unique customer-centric approach, knowledge transfer, and empowerment. NextStep prides itself on being a different kind of company with a dedication to ethical business practices and contributing deep technical and business process knowledge to benefit our customers.

  • Business Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Support
    • Oracle ERP (DAI & DEAMS)
    • SAP (GFEBS & GCSS-A)
  • Military Legacy Systems
  • Software Development
    • Microsoft (Power BI and Power Apps)
    • Oracle and SAP BI Tools
  • Helpdesk
    • General IT and Networks
    • ERP and Military Legacy Systems
  • Business Processes to ERP Systems Alignment
  • Defense Travel System (DTS) Support
  • Financial Management
  • Audit Readiness
  • DoD Planning, Programming, Budgeting & Execution
  • Army Installation Status Report (ISR) Program
  • Business Intelligence and Dashboard
  • Business Operations
  • Training Exercise Support

Other Past Performance

We bridge the gap between technology and the evolving business needs of our clients.

  • Medical Coding and Investigative Services

  • Program Objective Memorandum (POM)

  • Project Planning and Administration

  • Records Management

  • Purchase Card Program Support

  • J53 Military-to-Military Partnership Program

  • Individual and Collective Training

  • Digitizing/Technical Library

  • Acquisition & Procurement Support

  • Army Exercise Scenario & Script Writing

  • Emergency Readiness and Training

Management Team

Arsenio Ayon

Arsenio Ayón


Phone: 866-950-4488 Ext 105 Email: arsenio.ayon@nextsteptech.us

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Donnica Ayon

Donnica Parker


Phone: 866-950-4488 Ext 203 Email: donnica.parker@nextsteptech.us

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Dave Shondeck

Dave Shondeck

VP of Business Dev.

Phone: 866-950-4488 Ext 205 Email: dave.shondeck@nextsteptech.us

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Michael Zinno

Michael Zinno

Director of Operations

Phone: 866-950-4488 Ext 208 Email: michael.zinno@nextsteptech.us

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Roger Olson

Roger Olsen

Capture Manager

Phone: 866-950-4488 Ext 207
Email: roger.olsen@nextsteptech.us

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Robert Keenan

Robert Keenan

Business Dev. Manager

Phone: 866.950.4488 Ext 213 Email: robert.keenan@NextStepTech.us

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Patrick Cardichon

Patrick Cardichon

Executive Recruiter

Phone: 866-950-4488 Ext 209 Email: patrick.cardichon@nextsteptech.us

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Karen Tavarez

Karen Tavarez

Proposal Manager

Phone: 866-950-4488 Ext 210 Email: karen.tavarez@nextsteptech.us

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Advisor Team

Wilman Granados

Wil Granados


Phone: 866-950-4488 Ext 211 Email: wil.granados@nextsteptech.us

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Brent Bloom

Brent Bloom


Phone: 866-950-4488 Ext 212 Email: brent.bloom@nextsteptech.us

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