Managing the modern-day supply chain and logistics requires the ability to have a conceptually sound, responsive, and agile approach to problem solving and execution.

NextStep Technology, Inc. provides turnkey logistics and supply chain management support or augments your internal staff with highly skilled professionals to plan, execute and report the right information to senior leadership.

Our professionals are business process and modern ERP systems experienced. Some of these systems include SAP (Navy ERP, GFEBS, GCSS-A & LMP), Oracle (DEAMS) as well as military legacy system such as DFIMS, STANFINS and SOMARDS. Our professionals are trained in the most updated commodity management techniques and have the engineering and ERP systems skills to better understand every facet of how a base should operate.

The combination of operations and ERP systems experience sets us apart from our competition. We provide around the clock services to challenge any situation that may disrupt your supply chain and cause a disruption to operations.

We have experience designing and managing warehouse and inventory systems including the implementation of RFID (radio frequency identification) systems and the integration to mainstream ERP systems.

NextStep has a long track record of saving money for our customers by streamlining, optimizing processes and utilizing the right ERP system that delivers information, not just data.